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10. Sticks

They're a popular fetch and gnaw toy, but don't let your pups eat them afterward.

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sk8er-girl sk8er-girl 8 years
wow thats horrible.
StacyLC StacyLC 8 years
Onions are toxic to dogs. Love your dogs, but don't kill them with kindness. It's not love if you are allowing them to do things that hurt or kill them.
VegasHealthCoach VegasHealthCoach 8 years
People Laugh about what dogs can and will get into. However how about garbage in general. I lost my Scottish Terrier he had ingested a cheap dish towel that unraveled and lodge its self thru his intestinal tract and stomach. He survived the surgery but not the sedatives. They removed more than a foot of his intestinal tract and had to punch a hole into his stomach to remove the towel. Because of this needless tragedy all my trashcans are hooked to the wall system so they can not be dumped over and rummaged thru.
Brandy0126 Brandy0126 8 years
I think we all care about our animals and do the best we can. Most dogs need supervision to prevent them from dining on something they think is going to be fabulous which we know can hurt them (my Lab prefers chicken bones and she refuses to believe that I know better - she gets meat cut from the bones and she accepts that is what she's going to get with no bones, but she doesn't like it and she pesters me for bones everytime I roast a chicken!), she eats cat poop every time she gets a chance and I know it from the clean litter box and her breath....I do try to monitor her all the time but it's well-nigh impossible...she will get into things no matter how diligent I am in my attentiveness, so I just watch her as closely as I can and I keep food in her dish so she knows she has some good food to eat and doesn't have to rely on whatever she can find for her dinner. She is thriving and almost 13 years old, so she's doing okay and I've not had to take her to the vet for eating anything inappropriate or dangerous - at least, that I know of. I too have been a dog-own for 30+ years and you just can't watch them every minute...they're like children and get into things you can't imagine...and eating stuff she finds is instinctive and due to the need for self-preservation, as someone said already, so you can't really train a dog not to eat something unless you whip them to make them afraid, and I don't believe in beating animals. I love my animals and they love me right back.
Chelle1974 Chelle1974 8 years
I lost a Dog from him eating "Pringles", yes the chips. My son left a can of these chips on the sofa. Our dog ate every last chip in that can, but died because he couldn't breath....we were couldn't believe we lost our family member to a .99 cent can of chips. So please don't under estimate what your family friend my do...=( I wish I had known or thought before we lost him.
mjanich mjanich 8 years
My dog has eaten a whole package of chocolate chip cookies, any kleenex she can get her hands on, A TON of chicken grease that was outside by the BBQ for about 2 days (she then proceeded to throw up the next day... luckily only once but it was a BIG mess!!!) Oh, and need I forget, a few tubes of chapstick.
tabbiekat6903 tabbiekat6903 8 years
well i have a olde english bulldog as u can see in the picture. well she pretty much eats anything if it doesnt eat her first. She will go after underwear, socks, shoes, pieces of wood( i have a wood stove), rocks, cat poop, pieces of paper and anything else she can get her lips on. i have had to call the poison control before because she took one of my mom's Rx. i was so scared that night. She also ate one of my mother in law's pantyhose. which thank god she threw up cuz i would have never know she ate it. that would have been i lovely vet bill. Hey what can we say we LOVE our dogs no matter what!
I have a little house dog, who loves to eat. She eats everything that is not nailed down in the food catagory that is. I never saw a dog eat pickels, and onions, but this is just some of the strange things she eats. Her name is Tiffanie Marie, and Everybody says she is a people with fur. She don't even realize that she is a dog. I live with my two sons, and husband. She is one of the two in home pets we have. My little girl. Our other pet is a cat named Tabbie T. She is my son's cat, and it is true animals take on the personality of there owner, and she truly has his. Please be careful with your pets, and love them like u love your kids.
MTCombatMedic MTCombatMedic 8 years
Don't forget kitty poop! Dogs often confuse these as "Scooby Snacks"!\ :0p
xthats43hotx xthats43hotx 8 years
my dog died from eating bones. she pulled an entire chicken off of the counter and they punctured her intestines leading her to internally bleed. =[
John-Legweak John-Legweak 8 years
Don't forget tampons. I would rank them pretty close to the top. Definitely worse than chewtoys or sticks.
aka-Daria aka-Daria 8 years
my younger dog likes to chew on sticks, he always has on in his mouth.
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