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3. Panty Hose

These can get lodged in your dog's mouth, and he can eat a wadded-up ball of a knee-high, so watch out.

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stephamitch05 stephamitch05 8 years
My dags eats pantyhoses like candy. i go through more of these then i do regular sucks. we put them up on the dresser and when we are not looking she still gets them. its really annoying and i dont know how to stop it
dkpacer dkpacer 8 years
I thought the list was also going to suggest that dogs don't eat Camillia in slide # 3 , this would surely result in death. Hey steelersbabe only dumb dogs like labs, weimerans,cockapoopoos etc. eat things they aren't supposed to, my super intelligent Welsh Terrier never eats anything forbidden, and we never had to distinguish good from bad for her, She JUST KNEW !
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