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8. Bones

Bones often smell like the food that was once on them. Many are choking hazards or get lodged in a pup's tummy.

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hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
And of course during hunting season Twyla loves to bring home deer legs and skulls, and last Christmas she even dragged home a whole carcass (which was quite heavy, too, since it had had additional caked on snow and ice).
hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
Recently my dog sucked up what seemed to be a dozen or so hot wings from Hooters in less than 2 minutes. I have a hatchback car and I stuck the "doggie bag" in the trunk thinking she wouldn't get it while I went to walk my boyfriend into his home. I can't say I was disappointed to lose those wings, since they were really bad that night but I was hoping they might taste good cold, and I do admit to being slightly amused at my dog's unapologetic gumption. She's eaten worse at least, and still ticking like a puppy at 14, almost 15! :-P
fltaz15 fltaz15 8 years
It's bad for dogs to get a hold of any bones that come from our food, it can get lodged into their throats and can puncture their intestines and possibly bleed internally. Only one that I know of is the rawhides made for dogs, but still always be careful.
ethompso0105 ethompso0105 8 years
It IS bad to let your dogs have cooked bones, but raw bones are actually really good for them! Cooked bones can shatter and splinter which can lead to cuts and tears in their digestive tract. Raw bones, though, help their teeth, and even their breath! Check with a local wholistic or natural pet food store...they can help you pick a good bone for your pup. :)
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