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9. Hair Ties

I know these are lying all over my house . . . Be careful of rubber bands and hair ties, because pups can accidentally swallow them.

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la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 6 years
my dogs have never ate hair ties! whew one less thing to worry about!
midnight-gramma midnight-gramma 7 years
Received Posted Ok, all animals eat weird things..hello! they are ANIMALS people don't eat weird things... yes, houses with small children know that multicolor poop is inevitable when crayons are left laying around; and we always knew when the dog was eating "cat treats" as she would come out of the laundry room (home of the litter pan) with the clumping crumbles stuck to her nose.....and there was that one time an entire spool of kite string was sucked down like spaghetti.. I feel sorry for the dog that belongs to the owner who swears they NEVER eat anything inappropriate..