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Oops, I Had an Accident

Non-potty-trained pets — especially adult animals — face additional difficulties. While it can be hard getting these creatures into a bathroom routine at a shelter, some families still insist on pets that come fully trained. Check out some less adoptable pets on when you're ready!

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deanna024 deanna024 7 years
We've had our 6-year-old rescue dog for 2 weeks and she was advertised as "working on being housebroken." She's only had 2 accidents and gets the concept of outside being the place to go to the bathroom. We also crate her, which helps her realize that it's her den and not to mess it up.
aSunnyGirl123 aSunnyGirl123 7 years
pottytraining an older dog isn't harder than doing it to a young one
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
When I volunteer at a shelter, I work as a trainer and work on them learning basic commands and proper behavior. It's hard to teach "potty training" to an animal that spends probably 22-23 hours living in his kennel. The best chance for them to learn is by living in a foster home. I've been pretty successful in potty training dogs within 2 weeks of having them. Enough that I'd say they are 75% potty trained within the first couple of days and 95% trained within two weeks. Accidents usually happen when the dog gets overly excited or emotional. Granted certain breeds learn faster, but it's more a dedication and awareness on the humans part than fault of the dog. I'd say probably close to 100% of my dogs accidents have occured due to me not paying enough attention to them or not recognizing the dog's signals.
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