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That's Just a Shy Guy

When people visit shelters, the bouncy, friendly pets leap straight to the front . . . leaving shy animals to be overlooked in the back.

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aSunnyGirl123 aSunnyGirl123 5 years
when i was looking for a dog, i walked through the whole shelter twice until i saw my sweet Sunny. so people when you are looking for a dog in a shelter don't just look at pets in front, be patient and walk around
kscincotta kscincotta 5 years
We actually chose our puppy because she was shy. All the puppies were barking their heads off and she was just laying there quietly - melted our hearts.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 5 years
This is such a tough one. I think it's so important that people see multiple pets at a shelter before deciding on one.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 5 years
Being brought into a shelter can be very traumatic for animals. Sometimes they can adjust okay, and other may have problems and they become shy and reclusive, or rush to the front of the kennel, growling and attacking. I used to tell people who came to the shelter I volunteered at, don't judge the dog/cat until you see it outside of it's kennel/cage because it truly behaves differently once it's out of there. Sometimes the noise of the other animals scares them or they sometimes have been in their kennel so long that they become protective of that little space, which is all they have in their life at that point. Definitely see the pets in a more one-on-one environment.

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