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Myth: Shelter Dogs Have Irreparable Bonding and Socializing Issues.

Reality: While there are surely dogs that have suffered from neglect in the past, that's where you can come in! Serving as a loving forever home, you can offer bonus love and new friends plus even work with trainers to get that pooch back on the social track!

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5 years
I got my 2nd dog from a rescue group after a serious background check and brought him to dog school and the teacher couldn't believe how attentive he was to me and how much he listened so this is definitely true.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 5 years
I think it's really important to get a dog from a shelter or rescue that tries to find the best owner, rather than just placing a dog with whoever applies first. Some shelter dogs do have issues and would be best with an owner who doesn't work or without other dogs. Some don't. I really think finding the best fit for your lifestyle is so important; you don't want the dog to end up back at the shelter!