Up Close and Personal

No awkward Bella looks here.

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Shirley11988 Shirley11988 4 years
i want Rob :(
4 years
Sooooo BEAUTIFUL.. !! Kristen is a natural Beauty indeed!!
Monique91 Monique91 4 years
OMG.. she is so BEAUTIFUL
SKC Sparkle SKC Sparkle 4 years
Very pretty!
lovexpeacexhope lovexpeacexhope 4 years
i really like that top!!!! :) these pics would be sooooooo much better if Rob was with her!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
4 years
She looks like she has to pee. haha :)
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 4 years
i love her eye makeup .. esp how it makes her eyes pop :) GORGEOUS!
michaeluvnikita michaeluvnikita 4 years
in breaking dawn of course
michaeluvnikita michaeluvnikita 4 years
that's what bella should look like
4 years
4 years
WOW..... she isss sooo beautifulll