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Justin Timberlake:
Justin Timberlake, aka actor/singer/dancer/superhero, seems to be able to do just about anything. (Even Ben Affleck thinks so!) Plus, based on his crazy-busy year, Justin's definitely got the endurance. Even better? His boy-band background proves that Justin works well on a team — but he obviously wouldn't be afraid to handle things solo and strike out on his own, either.

Emma Watson:
Emma Watson could really throw off her competitors — she's sweet and nice and seems like she wouldn't be a threat, but based on her This Is the End cameo, she can totally turn up the crazy . . . and wield an axe. Emma's years of plotting and scheming on screen as Hermione would pay off, too, and that British charm means she'd win over viewers along the way.

— Laura Marie Meyers, assistant news editor

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