Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Until 2013, Prince William worked as a search and rescue helicopter pilot in North Wales with the Royal Air Force. According to reports, he earned £37,170 (or roughly $63,252) a year for that job before he quit in 2013 to focus on his charity work and beef up his royal responsibilities. However, there are new reports that William is considering taking on a new job as an air-ambulance pilot near his country home at Sandringham in Norfolk.

No matter what kind of job William will take, he will always have his official career of being a prince. In fact, he put his occupation as "Prince of the United Kingdom" on Prince George's birth certificate. While William is not paid a traditional salary for his services as a prince, his traveling expenses, security, and wardrobe are all paid for by the taxpayers when he is going on an official trip. Renovations made on his homes in semipublic locations — like Kensington Palace — are also paid for by taxpayers. Aside from these expenses, he also receives an income from his father, Prince Charles, as well as money from his personal investments. William also reportedly received an inheritance of $10 million from Princess Diana.

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