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4 years
i agree with #16 ...............and i wish they were kissing 2
5 years
this reminds me of the big foot or the lockness monster photo sighting - you know, trying to really figure out the photo - if its real or not. + they're very private people, we're just to nosy for them.
5 years
kellan is on the phone, thats why hes looking down Kristen is talking to him, and Rob is lowering his beautiful head to hear her better* no kissie, but I WISH it was!!! that would have been a treat! ;)**
5 years
its a concert... the music is loud.. if you wanna talk to someone, you usually go to thier ear and shout so they can hear you. i have a feeling its just that.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
Well they are certainly very very physically close wether it is an actual kiss or not. I just want them to be happy and have fun together. They have and will continue to have so much show-biz pressure on them.
5 years
How I wish this pic will be clear, so I can see what they were really doing..LOL
5 years
hmmm i'm at peace for some reason -,- hahhaha
5 years
yes they are kissing you can see rob face and kristen, its an angle of two lovebirds kissing, its so obvious they are kissing in this photos. these past few months these two lovebirds acts so different from last year like they're hiding something to the public and thats bec. they are actually together for atleast 6 mos. or more now and they are tired of hiding their relationship to the public..
nivradmitch828 nivradmitch828 5 years
lizmish lizmish 5 years
5 years
They probably kissed but the person who took the picture was too late taking the shot
5 years
im agree with you # 5
5 years
What the hell!!!!To dark!
5 years
yay i'm happy that, even despite all the female attention he gets and how popular his movie has been, he's not wanting to get with a typical hollywood girl.
5 years
you can tell that definitly is something look at it closely and look at kristen face then roberts
5 years
The way Kellan is looking down, they probably are. But I don't see how that affects the movie which is the only thing I'm interested in.
Monique91 Monique91 5 years
I dont think they are in this one it looks like she is saying something in his ear.. cause his head is to low
Asche Asche 5 years
Again, without the POPSUGAR logo, we would see if it's a kiss or not.

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