Nothing to See Here

Kanye drank straight from the Hennessy bottle while his date Amber Rose wore a skintight full-body onesie.

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4 years
I think she look great, I wish I can wear that
French-Kiss French-Kiss 4 years
Being rude as he is makes him totally undeserve respect. And that girl here just looks like... well, nothing. Please, put this far of my eyes xD
candygirl012 candygirl012 4 years
misswanton misswanton 4 years
They are a gross couple
mermaidlocks mermaidlocks 4 years
gross just gross
Caligirl45 Caligirl45 4 years
yeah i do think her outfit is gross
4 years
does anyone else think her little "outfit" is kind of disgusting?
4 years
Waste of skin; he is a major waste!! hate him