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Chosen One!

Kellan Lutz chose a lucky fan from the crowd to accompany him to the premiere! It took a few minutes for her to get through the masses, but Kellan waited patiently before walking arm in arm with her to catch the early screening of New Moon.

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4 years
Yay!!! That's my friend Jamie!!!! lol if I were her I would've jumped over those dang barricades. Lovvvveeee Kellan so much!
4 years
OMG!!!!! I think he's got a great heart and this is his way to give some of the worship he receives, back. So sweet! I just hope that robert and kristen would learn from him this kidness.
GCullen GCullen 4 years
oh I'm dead cos he is so damn good looking :)
Fa95 Fa95 4 years
me too, me too!!
mlicairac mlicairac 4 years
That was very sweet of him. The actors know that if it weren't for the Twi-hard fans, none of this would be possible! Of course, we all love the books, but it's all in part b/c of the fans. Thank you Kellan for being a trooper and giving a lucky fan a chance of a lifetime! :) Can't wait for New Moon tomorrow night.
Princess-Giggles Princess-Giggles 4 years
That is so nice of Kellan to wait for her patiently! She is so lucky, I wish that was me!
3asfora 3asfora 4 years
lucky girl i wish it was me
4 years
Soooo sweeet!!!! She will remember that night forever!
lowbatterysound lowbatterysound 4 years
awesome! what a lucky gal. nice of kellan to do that!
huntedvampire huntedvampire 4 years
holy sh@t! yeah! she's so lucky!
4 years
very niiiiice! damn lucky cow!!!
tellmemorex2 tellmemorex2 4 years
Cristy0010 Cristy0010 4 years
That's adorable! Lucky Girl and kudos to Kellan for been such nice guy.
IheartChanel IheartChanel 4 years
Oh my sweet!!
Louie Louie 4 years
Lucky biatch
jaan_black jaan_black 4 years
..I would be arrested....
megankate02 megankate02 4 years
Look how happy she looks! Lucky girl!
lovely2190 lovely2190 4 years