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wheat_thin636 wheat_thin636 6 years
hot jeans
Piaz Piaz 6 years
love everything about her hair
nildidem nildidem 6 years
SweetBeats SweetBeats 6 years
She's fierce - love the outfit
l0vefashi0n l0vefashi0n 6 years
By the way, who would think that brown and grey would look so great?
l0vefashi0n l0vefashi0n 6 years
CAN SHE EVER LOOK BAD? I want her wardrobeeeee
RosaDilia RosaDilia 6 years
Totally dig the ensemble.
justseen justseen 6 years
Love the outfit.
sarathacoombs sarathacoombs 6 years
She looks like Jenny McCarthy (I think I spelled that right) in these pics
pizda pizda 6 years
i wish i knew how to pull off sunglasses INSIDE, i just feel rude when i have them on and need to talk to ppl and there is no SUN in the building

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