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barbara-24 barbara-24 6 years
what was she thinking. honestly. she's trying too hard.
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 6 years
meilameila meilameila 6 years
she is TOO much...
thunder_kiss thunder_kiss 6 years
mmmno. that hairdo doesn't work at all.
gelita gelita 6 years
she's so cute... why does she does that kind of over the top things... she needs to keep it simple
syako syako 6 years
no she didn't.
iloveyall iloveyall 6 years
ewww. usually like her but this is awfuL!!
nikecold nikecold 6 years
Joss stone needs to stop pining for attention. She also needs to get a damn stylist, I don't think its cute or original.