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Morticia Morticia 6 years
Ugly nose, ugly Coke-Kate, ugly ugly ugly..
warhole warhole 6 years
man, Kate been using so much coke that her nose looks like is melting in recent pics! Maybe it's time for a reconstructive surgery, looks kinda painful to breathe... oh i forget they photoshop her to death on editorials anyways, doesn't matter to her if it's ugly on candids! Btw, I don't think she did anything to her lips, looks more like a nasty cold sore, no? but hey, at least she always wears clean clothes... something I would never expect judging from her filthy mattress and her nasty house. I'm ashamed that I even liked this overrated midget junkie, but in the 90s she was actually beautiful.
igottrouble igottrouble 6 years
hahaha smiling? she looks like shes disgusted
i_heart_me i_heart_me 6 years
lookin' good :)
mrflibble mrflibble 6 years
Her nose looks weird on this pix.
wendell wendell 6 years
As she's aged, I think she's gotten more interesting..I finally get her appeal. The outfit, not so much.
matthews-mom matthews-mom 6 years
Glad to see her smiling & happy. She always looks so miserable.
asiamjr asiamjr 6 years
love love love her! her hair looks amazing! ...but i do have to say...does anyone else notice her one crazy wonk eye!? good grief!
StyleStar StyleStar 6 years
I love her! She's so original.
Carla-spain Carla-spain 6 years
Has she done anything to her lips????
marieantoinette marieantoinette 6 years
she looks GOOOD