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hey. im LAUREN :] im a sophomore in high school. i love all of my friends to death! im really outgoing. i can talk to pretty much everyone and anyone. i dont think ive ever really been that shy. ive lived in florida for almost 8 years. i really enjoy listening to music. it kinda gives me this energy and lets me forget about things. im VERY fun loving. im very easy to get along with. i like to smile and laugh...i dont like to be sad. when it comes to school i can be very studious..but i goof off too. :](what kid doesnt??)i really like the beach. i sunburn easily. i like shopping. i have an obsession with bags//purses and starbucks. there are a lot of things in life i want to do. yet..ive already accomplished a lot. i like dancing like no one is watching. i do a lot of crazyy things...and even if people are watching..i dont mind..its all about having fun. i LOVE to partyy. :] hanging out with my friends is the best. im not ususally home on the weekends (especially during the school year)..but during the summer..i just chill and go with the flow. i HATE the feeling of being rushed! i love rollercoasters, flowers, dancing in the rain, riding in the car..even if im going nowhere specific. i like the little things because they mean the most. i love school supply shopping. cuz you get a bunch of new stuff. i really want a coach bag :]i also want to travel somewhere..far away..not just in the country. ive been to Canada..lots a french people. a fun person...i just live life to the fullest..and have no regrets. you only live life once..but if you live it right...once is enough. :]