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Hello All, my name is Loren. I love sports, my family, my man, and myself of course. Ooooh, and I love being spoiled :-) I am a HUGE sports and celeb gossip nut. I some day want to be a big time sports marketing agent. More than that though, I want to be a wife and mommy. I adore children. I am the youngest of 7 kids, and I am the only girl. I am actually biracial, dad's Irish, mom's Black. What else?? I am a total girlie girl. Daddy's lil baby all day everyday. lol. I can be really prissy at times. My top 2 crushes are Joe Crede a third baseman for the Chicago White Sox (defending World Champs BTW!!), and Bobby Crosby, Short-Stop for the Oakland Athletics (former rookie of the year). I really enjoy a nice intelligent convo. I love to have my mind stimulated. I love all types of music. I am really feeling My Chemical Romance right now. Geez, I guess that sums me up. If you guys wanna know more, feel free to hit me up. Laterz! blog Layouts

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