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God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. He has blessed me with 3 wonderful, funny, smart, and extremely fast growing kids. I love them more than life itself. My sisters and friends inspire me to blog and share my knowledge as a fashionista. I have been married twenty + years. I am STILL working on opening my own business. Love my career very much. But one of the things that I enjoys the most is went one of my client said to me Mrs. LeGrand your are the mother of all PARISCITYKA'S . I'm very much a perfectionist and I'm o.k. with (that:) I am a passionate reader, shopper ,former sale specialist and fashion consultant to a french Luxury House. My mission with this blog is to help any one the allowed me to showplace their work in fashion magazines and other blogs. With my knowledge and expertise I feel that many people will benefit from it . This will be very helpful for ladies out there that are looking for a person they can related to when it come in how they see fashion magazines. Esposa y madre de 3 con un amor y pasión por todo lo que tenga que ver con la letras que de deletrean la palabra moda y buen gusto. Me gustaría pode ayudar a todas esas mujeres que realmente están deseosa de aprender a saber de cuales son esas piezas clave que toda personas debe realmente tener en el armario (closet). También de como pueden encontrar un balance en su vida personal y subir su autoestima . My number one priority in life is GOD and after that I value my family and a true friendship. Thanks for stopping in and catching a glimpse of PARISCITYKA " es una mujer diferente una caja de sol~presa