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My name is Gwenn, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband. I have a 19 year old daughter, and 17 year old son. Remember when your mother (or grandmother) cooked dinner every night? Bringing in take-out or cooking a frozen pizza wasn't even an option. I love to cook, but do not want to spend all day in the kitchen. My training includes watching hours of The Food Network, PBS cooking shows and my home kitchen 'trial and error'. I take several cooking classes every year to learn about new techniques and get exciting recipe ideas. I can adapt almost any recipes to be made ahead of time. In addition, my recipes never require any special cooking skills, or expensive equipment. My family and friends are my recipe testers, and if they don't like a recipe, I won't post it. I love to entertain, and my dinner parties are always casual. I never set a fancy table, and never ask my guests to dress up, but the food is always good, and we always have a great time. My philosophy about cooking is that it should be healthy, delicious and EASY. I don't believe in processed foods. If an ingredient list doesn't read like a recipe, the food had been highly processed. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's has wonderful ready made foods, that are wholesome and natural. If I want cookies, I bake them myself. If I want a roasted chicken, I buy an organic one. If I want toast, I use a little bit of real butter, rather than a vegetable oil spread. Don't overdo it though. The stress from trying to maintain a strict diet can be bad sometimes. If you can't live without a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll, and find yourself obsessing about having one, go for it. I speak from personal experience. As long as I eat healthful 90% of the time, I don't worry about a few splurges here and there. In my free time I volunteer for Bert's Big Adventure, a local children's charity. I also enjoy reading, watching movies with Phil, playing with my three dogs (two shih-tzus and a poodle) and keeping up with my favorite blogs. I do yoga and Zumba several times a week to help me de-stress and feel good. Don't deprive yourself the pleasure of cooking a great meal, and, most importantly, share it with your friends and family!