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I’m Julie. I’m a passionate foodie, baker, writer, and eater. I love sweet things. Oh, and savory things. Oh, and crispy, crunchy, generally delicious things. It's genetic, so I can't be blamed really. My hope for your visit here is to be enticed by delectable recipes, inspired by delicious photography, and armed with increased food knowledge. I want you to leave with the insatiable urge to run into your kitchen and whip up whatever you have seen here, and the confidence to know that you can do it. I was raised by a Baker. A very short Irish one. Yummy things were always being made. And devoured almost immediately by me and two messy little boys. Brownie's, cakes, and cookies coursed through our veins. It was blissful. Growing up, the kitchen was always the hub of activity – it’s where everyone gathered to talk, eat, and share life while great food was being created. I am so happy to have you here in my virtual kitchen and hope you’ll be back again and again. Before I attended Le Cordon Bleu, everything I learned was by that short Irish mother of mine, through trial and error, or reading and research (and the occasional YouTube video). All of the recipes you find here typically come from one of my cookbooks, food magazines, other food blogs, family recipes, or a combination of any of the above. The vast majority of recipes here on Whisk and Spoon are of the sweet variety. But not to worry, there will be some savory surprises! Happy Cooking! XO Julie