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Neal Boulton

NEALBOULTON.COM / Neal Boulton is an American magazine creative director and editor who has been described as “A publishing industry lightning rod” by The New York Times; “One of publishing's most notorious magazine editors” by Britain’s The Independent; “Maybe even genius” by The Huffington Post; and “Brilliant” by New York Magazine. Boulton is best known for what The Huffington Post went on to describe as his “Midas touch” work in the American media industry as 1. founder of New York Times-celebrated, founder of New York Magazine-celebrated addiction help site, and founder of Imagista with Vogue cover photographer Michael Williams; 2. his relaunch of Shape and Natural Health, and his success as Editor-In-Chief of four titles including Men's Fitness; and finally, 3. as influencer of 32 other periodicals and brands, including National Magazine Award winning Outside, Life, Saveur, LA Times Outdoors; and eBay, and Microsoft. Neal has also regularly appeared on the The Today Show, CNN, CBS MarketWatch, Anderson Cooper 360, and The View discussing his articles. He lives in New York. More about his 24 years in publishing can be seen at his online compendium at NEALBOULTON.COM. To set up an appointment to discuss a magazine launch or relaunch please email: NB@NEALBOULTON.COM