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GLAMOUR SAYS IT ALL. "Off Broadway" boutique has been a show-stopper on New York's Upper West Side for more than forty years. We sell one thing: Glamour! Wherever you live, play, work or travel our look is unmistakable. It says you're the most exciting woman in the room. "We're out to make a statement for you in day wear, evening wear, sportswear and every other kind of wear," says owner Lynn Dell. "Most importantly, we want our clothes to have that certain attitude. That "je ne sais quoi" that makes every woman, large or small, young or ageless, look gorgeous. Worried about size? Our one-size-fits-most exclusive collection means big or small, you can have it all." We also carry glamourous plus size clothing And now, for the first time, our legendary "Off Broadway" look is available for you online: We offer a limited quantity of our breakaway clothes, dazzling fashion jewelry, hats that could easily be collectors' items, artful bags, belts, shawls and scarves so beautiful they will take your breath away. So even if you live outside of New York City and can't shop in our extraordinary and unique clothing boutique, you can shop right here on our online women’s boutique . We offer unique designs and womens fashion accessories that you won't find mass-produced. If you like it, grab it! It might be gone tomorrow! All of this means that now you can be part of our dazzling playground of style where New York's most fabulous women and famous celebrities from film, stage, television and opera fulfill their need for drama, color, and originality. All wrapped up in that elusive quality called Glamour. Browse our online women’s boutique today for an unforgettable shopping experience. Lynn Dell will tell you to "dress for the theatre of your life." The good news you can!