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I am a daughter of Eve. A woman with beautiful longings and hideous secrets. I've been a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, niece, aunt, friend, wife, lover, mother, confidant, employee, helper, cook, leader, organizer, baker, ministry volunteer, speaker, artist, dancer, writer and home-maker. I turned 50 in 2010 and have changed my focus from full-time homemaker busy with volunteer work, to budding artist/writer. Keeping our home functional as well as warm and inviting for the family and dear friends is still a big priority. I've always longed to provide a haven for those I love, a place to be refreshed and energized so they could go back out into a sometimes hostile world. That has turned out to be a much more difficult task than I had imagined but it's also been more rewarding and joyful than I pictured it. I love to cook and bake (pies are my specialty). Our youngest child is 18 and still at home and our oldest is 25 and out on her own. I began this year with a new emphasis on basic self-care. Eating healthier foods, practicing yoga, walking & talking with friends more regularly, going to Zumba classes and continuing to read books that teach and inspire a spiritual life based on love. I talk too much, analyze too much and spend too much time on facebook. My goal is to love God and love people, but I have a tendency to put own needs/desires before either of those. I can sleep at night (well most nights) because I'm forgiven by God because Jesus took my punishment and offered me peace with God in exchange.

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