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I am fashion crazy; I love everything about the industry and the clothes. I literally live for fashion, (no exaggeration; my money always seems to go on clothes, shoes, handbags or accessories....!!). I admire individual and brave; I love to people watch and see admire other peoples styles and I gain lots of inspiration from that. I see fashion as an art form; a way to express yourself and be creative. To me clothes are not something you just wear - they are part of you and your personality; I feel it's so important to cultivate your own style, something that lets the world know that this is how you are! Fashion is for everyone, not just celebs or models but for everyone; we can all develop our own signature style and inspire others to be more creative in life, not just in fashion! I love a mix of designer, vintage and high street. I personally think no matter what your budget is you can always look fabulous. Fashion should always be fun, no matter what age, size or shape you are. So go on be adventurous, try something that you never would or thought you could wear, be yourself and always be most importantly be FABULOUS!