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I desire growth and change. I have developed some bad habits, which include impulsive shopping and indulging on chocolates. Being a young twenty-something female, this is the best opportunity to start new and refreshing changes in my life, slowly but surely. I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelors and Masters in Occupational Therapy and am currently an occupational therapist for the geriatric population. I love to eat, cook, shop, explore and learn. I also appreciate luxury handbags and am an avid jewelry collector. I never watch television, but I enjoy reading Vogue. Working in the health field has opened my eyes to a lot of important and valuable topics that the general public seems to ignore, but are vital to our health. We know that eating healthy and exercising regularly is key to good health, so why is our country getting more obese? We know walking is good for the heart and the environment, so why do we drive SUV’s? My interests lie in the wellness and quality of life.