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Tom Tailor

Seriously, I don't know what I could write here, 'cause I always stand out in a crown, so I'm very easily discovered. To start with, I'm one of those persons that you meet and just like immediatly. I can't explain it, I just know you DO!!! I'm very witty and rather intellegent ( I hope). I'm not very tall, but, all in all, it means nothing. My amazing eyes are dark brown, almoust black. My hair is also dark brawn and often tousled and messed up. By the way, I used to be closelycropped, but now it's not actual. My face features are smooth. While smiling, I look very childish...somethimes. I'm rather slim (but it doesn't bother me). It suits me to be slim, I think. I'm good-looking and look very representative in official suit (but rarely one can see me in it).