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My name is Matilda and about 5 years from know i will live in Los Angeles in a wonderful house, drive a red Mercedes Mclaren, date the hottest guy in the world, be a successful designer/model and be dirty rich. But right know Im just a ordinary 17 year old girl that loves fashion, guys and loves to party and hang out with my friends. Hottest guy alive: Oriol Elcacho, Robert Pattinson And Justin Bobby. Best brands: Victoria Secret, Lanvin, Betsey Johnson, Temperly London, YSL, Miu Miu And Juicy Couture.. I Love: My pink Macbook Air, my pink iPhone, Amarican Eagle, True Religon and Diesel Jeans, my Miu Miu, Chloe, Louis Vouttion and Chanel (2.55) handbags, Clothes, Guys, my family and friends! CHECK OUT MY LOOKS ON, and i would be so happy if you want to comment on my looks!