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crazy,cool,sexy chick..ima down 2 earth gurl love 2 voice mi opinion.if u cant stand the truth please dont ask i will b honest. i love my family and friends. My dream is have a career in the fashion industry,open my own boutique, and model clothing firm(way 2 detailed 2 explain) I dont wanna give 2 much away cus i wanna surprise everyone. Im about my buisness. I cant stand ppl who bullshit around. I cnt mess wit u on dat level. I like 2 surround myself who ppl who have goals and dreams and r the only ppl who can determine their future.No is an unacceptable answer 4 me, I never give neither should u always give ur best,be strong, and most of all keep GOD first. If u still dnt kno me I guess thats 2 bad 4 u! Its always important 2 leave a little mystery(LOL)