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Mom of two awesome daughters who are smart and athletic, ages 15 and 17. School is just about to start so both of my daughters are busy with practice getting ready for football season. They both play select softball so practices are year round. I love to watch them play! My daughters are sophomores and seniors in HS. This coming year they'll be cheering together and playing softball together - how fun! I left a secure job to be a work-at-home mom because I was away too much of the day. I don't want to miss my kids growing up.Love the internet and everything to do with it. Love learning, reading, writing, working at home, animals - we have a sweet dog, and a cat; who I refer to as our snooty, cutie of a cat. I quit my job to stay home with my daughters and am trying to do whatever it takes to not have to go back to a regular JOB. I'm always looking for other moms in the same boat to see how they are doing it. I love the internet and love reading about other people's adventures. I am trying to network myself with successful work at home moms so I can write an ebook describing their experiences. I work part time as a school assistant and I am currently writing a website on choosing the right dog to adopt. Please visit it!