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Celine Pettersen

Positive, happy girl from the beautiful country, Norway! Some people think we don't know how to dress - think again I look forward to learn more about fashion here, and especially to see other looks and talk to people from other countries! I run two groups here at SS! My groups is called "Leather Lover", where everyone in love with great leather pieces can join in! The other one is called "I just bought.." New challenges will be posted every week at "Leather Lover", and at "I just bought.." you are welcome to post a topic at any time! JOIN in! LEATHER LOVER; I JUST BOUGHT; I love all things pretty - easily explained, lol. I seek inspiration in magasines, online, on the street. So much great style to see - right outside the door! Loving this site, and love the fact that this site provides the upportunity to see others way of dressing, and seeing their way of interpetating fashion! Thank god for! Add me as a friend! And FOLLOW ME AT BLOGLOVIN! My blog is;