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i'm: it, chichi, chic, posh, vamp, crazy/beautiful, loud, hip, fighter, bold, snob, goddess, weird, vain, milky, wild, kulet, pink-blooded, flirt, brat, freak, bored, bitchy, emotera, kikay, crushed, survivor, complicated, independent, liberated, fashionista, mall-rat, in-love, sassy, stubborn, fragile, sexy, drama-queen, hot, maldita, pilya, twisted, sweet, misunderstood, misinterpreted, transparent, the bomb! i love: me, chu, pink, movies, moon, stars, internet, pencil, muzic, chillin', pillows, coffee, books, boys, boots, shoes, pumps, bags, sleep, french films, summer, party, vodka ice, adventures, mules, f1, sandals, travel,lemon tea, spa, tanks, racerback, baby tee, driving, beach, tan, autumn, kisses, hugs, nata de coco, chocolates, spas, berries, cakes, tempura, steaks, mikmik, the body shop, baking, nestea, challenges, tazo, yellow, spices, snapshots, tea trea oil, vexelling, incence, steaks, pasta, cookies, veggies, tanks, magazine, fashion,japanese stuffs, cherry tomato, fendi, dior, japan, cooking, sushi, blue, digicam, sakura, sunglasses, 109, egoist, java chips frap, caramel frappucino, creme brulee, whipped cream, surprises.. i hate: users, jerks, hookers, moochers

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