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10 Questions You Might be Asked in a Phone Interview

10 Questions You Might Be Asked in a Phone Interview

Some memories just stick with you. I remember explicitly years ago when an old roommate had her first phone interview, and the tears that followed when she hung up. The disaster she experienced had me forever scared to go through an interview over the phone — but knowledge is always the fastest cure for fear. Phone interviews are not much different than in-person interviews, so you need to prepare to make the best possible first impression.

A friend of mine is on the job hunt and had a couple of phone interviews recently — they're being used more and more to whittle down candidate pools before calling in applicants for in-person meetings. I asked him to recall the questions he'd been asked. Take it from his experience, you might be asked these ten questions during a phone interview.

  1. The dreaded "tell me about yourself" question.
  2. What is one thing from your career that you are particularly proud of?
  3. What is one thing from your career that you aren't particularly happy with?
  4. What is your leadership style like?

To see six more questions that a potential employer might ask over the phone,


  1. What is an area that you feel you need to improve on professionally?
  2. Where do you see your career progression heading?
  3. Why did you leave your last position?
  4. What are you looking for or to get out of your next position?
  5. What is it about a company like ours that makes you want to work here?
  6. Do you have any questions for me?


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