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Activities You Can Do on a Plane Ride

8 Great Tips For Superlong Flights

Most people don't look forward to really long flights, I mean there's only so much Sudoku you can do until you're sick of it right? Recently, reader onlysourcherry asked the SavvySugar Community what she should do on a 14-hour flight. She can first start by checking out our 10 trinkets for travelers, which will definitely come in handy! Readers rallied and gave a ton of really great suggestions that will keep her well occupied on her air travel. Check out these gems from , , and !

  • Ignore Time: "Don't think about the time. Seriously. Just take the time on the flight for what it is, and chill out."
  • Neighborly Chat: "Talk to the person sitting next to you. Chatting really kills time."
  • Movies: "Portable DVD players are awesome! Stack up on DVDs. Or, bring your laptop and watch movies. Be sure to bring and extra battery pack."
  • Get Comfy: "Make sure you're as comfy as possible — slippers, a travel pillow, a blanket — [you] might as well settle in."


For more boredom-fighters for long, long flights, read on!

  • Do Work: "Do work. If you're like me, you probably have some emails to catch up on, or backlog projects that you wish you could get to. Plane time is really great to get stuff done."
  • Write: "Do some journaling. Just be sure to get one of those privacy screens."
  • Funny biographies: "I always find myself reading a ridiculously funny biography when flying and awkwardly laughing out loud, but it really passes the time. Chelsea handler's got me through a flight from London to New York."
  • Listen to books: "I also read a lot, and sometimes if I'm too tired to actually read I'll listen to books on my iPod."

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