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Airline Charges $2 For Sodas

Airline Update: Another Privilege Bites the Dust

Two hours in to a five hour flight you're feeling parched and dehydrated. When the flight attendant pushes her cart through the aisle and you ask for a Diet Coke she tells you that it's $2. It may seem like a rip off, but this scene is going to become increasingly familiar, particularly if you fly US Airways.

The carrier has announced a new $2 fee for in-flight refreshments like soft drinks, juice, and bottled water. This leaves passengers with little choice when quenching their thirst; it's either purchase over-priced beverages in the airport or pay $2 for a can of soda on the plane. $2 isn't a big fee by any means, but it's difficult to curb frustration when we've been accustomed to receiving complimentary refreshments for as long as we can remember.


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