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Benefits of ebooks

Why Ebooks Will Make Your World Go Round

Today, I was reminded of another reason to love ebooks when I read this New York Times piece — reading whatever you want with your Kindle preserving your privacy, be it a lusty romance novel or an inspiring self-help book.

The topic of ebooks is pretty hot around the personal finance blogosphere, perhaps due to Google's eBookstore opening, from J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly saying that he's not totally sold on ebooks although he loves the decrease in clutter to Consumer Reports detailing six ways to tell if a Kindle is right for someone. I have to say that it's a no brainer for me, when news of the Kindle first came out, it pretty much blew my mind.

To start with, I'm such a bookworm, it's not even funny. Other women pack too many clothes on their trips, I just pack too many books. I remember what a pain it was to lug my books back and forth when I go on long trips. Enter my savior: ebooks. I've been an ebooks fan when they were direct-to-desktop only, so when news of the Kindle broke, I was salivating. Here are some of the reasons why this technology shift in the literary world is priceless:

  • More access: Very often, you can't find many of the books in countries where the books were not published — most of the time only the top sellers make it out overseas. With the ebook reader, someone in Japan can easily buy an American book that he or she can't find in local bookstores. As the world becomes more globalized and as new global superpowers emerge, there needs to be a stronger cultural understanding between people from different nations to foster better political and economic cooperation. More access to books equals more transparency, and more transparency means less WikiLeaks disruption.
  • Privacy: Like the Times said, you get to read those hot romance novels in the form of a bland white reader without blushing about the naked-hunk-covered-in-vines cover. This encourages people to be more open-minded with their reading — another valuable service that paper books can't provide.

To read more benefits, read on.

  • Less clutter: More space on the bookshelf for knickknacks! Seriously, space is something that's really pricey (look at your rent), so you're really saving a lot of money with your Kindle or iPad.
  • Convenience: I can take my Kindle wherever I want and whip it out whenever I want. It's great when you're diddling your fingers at the dentist when he's late or when you're bored on the train. It's so light and thin that it's not a hassle at all to carry it around. It's such a great time killer.
  • Cheaper: OK, maybe some books aren't that much cheaper, but a lot of them have great discounts especially when they're hot off the press. But seriously, if you continue to read books over the course of numerous decades, a dollar here and a dollar there adds up. And trust me, as the ebooks phenomenon becomes more prolific, you're going to see a lot of talent coming through the free ebooks collection.


Source: Flickr User goXunuReviews


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yoshi22 yoshi22 6 years
Good point about privacy! There is something about holding a paperback book in my hand though.
andiealex andiealex 6 years
I have a library of almost 250 books. Most of which I got used through Goodreads, Paperback Swap, Amazon & my used library bookstore, in good reading condition. Since I pay .50-4.00 per book, ebook prices still seem high. Other than that, I'd be happy to switch to ebooks.
amytnguyen amytnguyen 6 years
And don't forget about public domain works which are free to download! Gotta love the classics
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