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Roadside Assistance: The Best DIYs For Your Car

May 25 2014 - 5:00am

Give your car that new-car smell (and look) with these smart detailing DIYs. These car cleaners and fresheners cost basically nothing to make, and you'll love how easy these DIYs come together. No matter the time of year, it's always a good idea to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape so you're ready for the next road trip or whatever's around the corner.

Smell Great

Your car will smell as fresh as a daisy with this cute felt flower air freshener [1]. Scent with your favorite essential oils, and the pretty adornment will emanate wonderful smells for months and months.

New Tires

Bust through built-on tire grime with this easy hubcap cleaner [2] that's made with ingredients you have in your pantry.

Naturally Clean Seat Belts

Safe for using in kid- and pet-friendly vehicles, naturally clean seat belts [3], removing stains and buildup for a fresh-smelling car.

Better Leather

Treat your leather seats just like you do your favorite furniture and give it a refresh with this easy leather cleaner [4]. You'll love how your car's leather interior shines — and helps prevent cracks and scratches.

Be Prepared

You never know when you're going to have a car emergency, so be smart and prepared with this emergency kit [5] that comes together with items from the dollar store, making it a great investment.

Seat Assistance

If you have fabric seats, things can sometimes get stinky — especially a week or two after coffee drink spills. Spray away bad smells with this linen spray [6] that does just as good of a job on your car as your bedsheets. Keep a small bottle in your dash so it's close at hand.

Coffee Filter Helper

Instead of reaching for expensive dusting cloths, try a coffee filter. Follow these easy directions for making coffee filter cleaners [7] for your car.

Child Car Seat

If you have a little one, keeping her car seat clean can be a serious challenge. Follow these easy steps for a refreshed child car seat [8] that's so clean!

Car Seat Cleaner

If your car seats need a complete cleaning, follow these simple directions [9] for a vehicle that looks like new.

Buff Headlights

If your headlights are a bit foggy, reach for a surprising household item to give them a buffing [10].

Shining Car

For a supershiny finish, use hair conditioner to buff your car [11]. Really! Follow these easy directions for a buffed vehicle.

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