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Canceling Cable to Save Money

Cancel Cable to Save Cash? Most Savvy Readers Say Sure

While staying home and watching TV or movies is less spendy than a night on the town, cable isn't cheap. I recently asked readers if they'd cancel cable to save and most said they could manage life without the boob tube. Here's why you say it's OK to disconnect.

  • Been doing it since February! Saves me $55 a month (although my internet is $50) and forced me to be more active. Best decision of my life. (Plus, having Netflix for Wii helps). — le romantique
  • Just moved and decided to go cable free. If we'd gone with the package I had previously we would be paying $120 more a month than we are now for just Internet. So far I don't miss it at all, we have plenty in our Netflix queue and Hulu to watch when we aren't spending time getting to know our new town. — darkangeldaria
  • We pay $9 a month for the Netflix instant streaming to our Xbox, and we watch whatever isn't available on there on DVD or online. I'd much rather pay $9 than $50 for a bunch of channels I don't even watch. — bsglrok132
  • haven't paid in for cable since I shared a house in college. I'm all about selective watching, so when Netflix WatchInstantly went unlimited a couple years ago, and when Hulu came along, I was set (I currently split my internet bill down the middle and gave my housemate my password to Netflix, so she can watch when I'm not). That and the occasional DVD rental from Netflix, a big network of friends who also review film (and love swapping screeners), and friends who have DVR so I can stay current with, say, True Blood, have made cable something I don't even consider. Even my parents went without recently and do the same things I do. — Anonymous
  • No way! We are so addicted to our shows that we would go nuts without cable. We went to a cable-free resort for a week and we went absolutely bonkers without TV to watch. It's a small luxury that we budget for every month. We figure that we save more by having cable and not going out to movies/dinner as often. — Spectra
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