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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 2, Season 2

Celebrity Apprentice: Was the Right Guy Fired?

The celebrity candidates were challenged to channel their creative energies in last night's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. They were tasked with designing and costuming a comic-book character to promote Zappos and had to present their storyline to the online company's CEO.

Conflict ensues on both teams, though the women (Team Athena) come around and are able to put together a more appealing package than the men (Team Kotu). It's obvious where the most friction is among the members of Kotu — project manager Scott Hamilton blames Tom Green for lacking focus and for derailing Scott from his thought process, while Tom doesn't understand why nobody is listening to him. He also doesn't understand why Scott is calling their character EEE — he says it sounds like a bra size — instead of using a name that started with the letter Z.

Kotu loses because of the illogical name for their character, while Donald Trump seems impressed with team Athena and its project manager, Khloe Kardashian. The boardroom is a jumble of finger pointing and Scott doesn't even want to bring in one of the other candidates for evaluation, he just wants to bring in Tom. Trump gives Tom a warning that he better perform next week, but Scott is fired for the decision to name their character EEE.

Did Trump make the right call?

Photos courtesy of NBC

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