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Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3

Celebrity Apprentice: Mr. Outside the Box

Last night's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice was only entertaining because of Gene Simmons's out-there commentary. Oh, and of course the major shock of who Donald fired. I'll still be tuning in each week, but the challenge last night was a total let down after the last two episodes. In order to enjoy a reality show where the contestants have nothing to really gain or lose, the challenges need to be interesting enough for me to really care about the show.

  • The challenge this week was a marketing campaign for Kodak and the contestants were judged on originality, brand messaging, and profit. Jim Cramer was the guest judge, Boo Ya!
  • Donald gave Gene Simmons the option of being the project manager for Empresario and he, of course, took it. Gene told his new team that he's a "benevolent dictator" and the camera that he's "the king of all women." Tito Ortiz took responsibility to lead team Hydra.
  • Gene declared himself "Mr. Outside the Box" and didn't feel the need to meet with the Kodak executives so he just sent Nely Galan and Carol Alt. Nely interrupted the executives every two seconds. Meanwhile, Hydra met with Kodak and got their message of "affordable ink" perfectly.
  • The men had a photo shoot for their "knockout deal" campaign featuring Tito and Lennox Lewis. Stephen Baldwin walked and walked all over the boardroom taking pictures from above, and coffee spilled on their laptop holding all the artwork when everyone gets off the table.
  • To see a video and the spoiler, just

  • When facing the Trumps and Jim Cramer, Omarosa (and her cleavage) pointed out that Gene doesn't even know the name of the printer they were marketing. She was right.
  • Hydra won the challenge, even though their presentation was sloppy, because they got the message right. Donald asks Gene to pick two people to bring back to the boardroom, and he wanted to choose only Omarosa.
  • Donald said that Gene can't simply pick Omarosa because he doesn't like her, so Gene brought Jennie back as well. Donald basically tells Gene that he should bring back Nely, but for some reason he doesn't comply.
  • Gene Simmons ends up being fired, though it was obvious that wouldn't have been the case if Nely were one of his choices. Donald called Gene "the most independent thinker there is."
  • Jim Cramer was baffled and said "I can't believe what I just saw." Donald responds, "We had no choice."

They really didn't have a choice. I think this was Gene's way of taking the blame for losing the challenge. He knew if he brought Nely back that she'd be fired. I'll miss his one liners, and now I need someone else to pick as a favorite to win it all.

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