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59 Creative Homemade Group Costume Ideas

Oct 31 2015 - 7:00am

If you decide to dress up with your friends this Halloween [1], then consider getting creative and making your costume instead. That way, you'll have a one-of-a-kind outfit that can't be bought from a store, and you'll save money as well. Out of ideas? Check out some of the coolest Halloween group costumes.

Get even more costume inspiration for this year:

— Additional reporting by Hilary White


Relive your childhood with this Rugrats group costume.

Source: Instagram user marialasagna [7]

Beanie Babies

All it takes is some animal ears or hats and a quick DIY [8] to make the beanie baby tag!

Roller Coaster

Ready for the ride of your life?

Source: Reddit user aeo1003 [9] via Imgur [10]


Take over the world with your fellow minions this Halloween [11].

Source: Instagram user michelle__keyes [12]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Gather up four people and relive this fairy tale for Halloween [13].

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Be creative with your pals and spray-paint disposable aluminum baking trays to use as your shells for these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes. Dress up in green and wear the right color bands, and you'll get a uniquely homemade group costume that people will be raving about.

Care Bears

Brighten up a Halloween [14] party by opting for the cheery Care Bear group costume. Make ears out of colored paper or felt, pick a bear to emulate, then wear its requisite colors. Finally, make your Care Bear belly out of white paper or felt cloth and draw the symbol on with colored markers.

Men in Black

Wear a black suit, put on shades, get two other friends to do the same, and you'll have your top secret Men in Black group costumes.

Source: Instagram user __curlysue [15]

101 Dalmatians

What's great about the 101 Dalmatians group costumes is that you can invite as many people as you want to join in, and you probably can throw it together with items you already own.

Wear a white outfit and use a black marker to draw dots all over. Use makeup to draw spots on your face.

Source: Instagram user lizvanlaningham [16]


Gel up your hair and spray it with temporary hair color. Wear a nude top, some colored shorts (or go all nude, if you prefer!), and you'll have a really cool-looking troll entourage.


Get three other friends to slap on Kiss's trademark makeup, throw in some leather, and you'll look like the distinctive American rock band.

Source: Instagram user cchewie21 [17]

Aliens From Toy Story

Put together a bright blue top and bottom, and DIY [18] a bright green headpiece complete with three eyes.

Lego People

With some cardboard, foam, poster boards, and lots of yellow paint, you'll turn heads with this Lego group costume.

Source: Reddit user nothing_pt [19] via Imgur [20]


Love is all around you — spread the peace by teaming up with some pals to be hippies this Halloween [21].

Source: Instagram user sherrimay1 [22]

Social Media Platforms

Geek out by dressing up as your favorite apps or social media platforms.

Source: Instagram user gymnastlaura [23]

The Powerpuff Girls

If you're going to be the Powerpuff Girls this Halloween [24], get blue, red, and green outfits and add black belts to the ensembles. If you don't have black belts, you can easily replace them with black duct tape.

Fast-Food Giants

It's your chance this Halloween [25] to indulge by going as one of your favorite fast-food chains.

Source: Reddit user undrtkrwrestler [26] via Imgur [27]


Ruh-roh! Team up with your gang to form a Scooby-Doo [28] group costume that's easy to put together.

Scrabble Words

Team up with your friends to form Scrabble words. Take it a step further by dressing up to match the word.

Source: Reddit user jonnyb038 [29] via Imgur [30]

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

One fun idea is to pick your favorite celebrity and have each person in your group dress up as him or her. But remember to each wear a different look. This group of gal pals managed to dress up as the various roles Depp has played in movies.

Source: Reddit user aubra_cadabra [31] via Imgur [32]

Mario and Gang

Mario and his pals always make great group costumes.

Source: Reddit user shadowmanjack [33] via Imgur [34]

Four Seasons

The perfect choice for four best friends — the four seasons.

Source: Instagram user joctag [35]


Silence is golden with this mime group costume.


Be everyone's favorite Springfield, MO, residents this spooky holiday.

Source: Reddit user BROshon_Moreno [36] via Imgur [37]


Save the world with your pals this Halloween [38].

Source: Instagram user missesdina [39]


Team up with your friends to form a Crayola pack.

Source: Instagram user missesdina [40]

Wizard of Oz

Go off to see the wizard with your gang this Halloween [41]!

Cool Runnings

The Jamaican bobsled team!

Source: Instagram user jshzwg [42]

Doctor Who

Guess who?

Source: Instagram user weirdingway93 [43]

Power Rangers

Band together to battle evil as a group of Power Rangers.

Sushi Bar

Get your carb overload with this sushi-bar group costume.

Source: Instagram user jennietat [44]

Spice Girls

Your friendship will never end with this group costume.

Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Remember this awesome board game from the '90s? DIY [45] colorful hippo heads and reminisce about the good old days from your childhood.

Seven Dwarves

Have seven other people you want to team up with? Be the seven dwarves and Snow White!

Source: Instagram user gatewaystudents [46]

Star Wars

May the force be with you this Halloween [47].

Source: Reddit user andyrosenberg [48] via Imgur [49]


If you and your friends want to be important this Halloween [50] (and have leather-bound books and rich mahogany-smelling apartments), then please dress accordingly.

Source: Reddit user stroker351w [51] via Imgur [52]

Bath Products

Feel so fresh and so clean, clean with this bath products Halloween [53] group costume.

Source: Instagram user katiaaaa34 [54]


Get your pack to dress up as Pac-Man characters.

Source: Redditor [55] via Imgur [56]

Black-and-White People

Color is overrated.

Source: Reddit user Myst23 [57]


Quite a fitting group costume.

Source: Reddit user GigaWatson [58] via Imgur [59]


Guess which browser leads the pack?

Source: Reddit user megustacomer [60] via Imgur [61]


This Futurama group costume actually won this group of friends a best costume award at a party. 

Source: Reddit user Klever81 [62] via Imgur [63]


The perfect family costume!

Source: Instagram user anso1510 [64]


Solve a mystery with your pals this Halloween [65].

Source: Instagram user thetrashydiva [66]

Taco and Sauces

Can't get any hotter with this group costume!

Source: Instagram user aaronwgeorge [67]

Mad Men

This is the perfect group costume for those who are mad about the 1960s-based TV show.

Source: Instagram user ilovesamanthalucy [68]

Sister Wives

The more the merrier.


For those who have a sweet tooth.


Relive the adventures from the beloved Chronicles of Naria series.

Source: Instagram user katemcl46 [69]


Gather up a group of friends and represent your color as a part of a rainbow costume. Top it off with a pot of gold at the end!

The Wild Thornberries

This kooky family is a fun costume idea, and most of it is probably already in your wardrobe.

Source: Instagram user terralayne12 [70]

Mean Girls

These ideas are so fetch!

Source: Instagram user beautyandthefig [71]


Make the party part of your own costume with a pinñata DIY [72].

Source: Instagram user alyssasebastian [73]


This s'mores group costume is complete with a campfire!

Source: Instagram user kandyodandy [74]

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This cute costume is easy to make at home, with just a few cheap materials.

Source: Instagram user feleciabrooke88 [75]

Beer Pong

Wrap yourself up in red and call it a day!

Source: Instagram user brooke_a_doo [76]

OPI Nail Polish

If your a beauty buff, then this cute OPI nail polish costume is right up your alley (and supereasy to make).

Source: Instagram user insta_kels_ [77]

Board Games

Be your favorite board game!

Sesame Street Characters

This Sesame Street costume is epic, and the options for what characters you can be are endless.

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