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30 Wedding Favors You Won't Believe Cost Under $1

Jan 31 2017 - 12:00pm

You're spending a lot on your wedding [1], so one of the easiest places to save some money is with your favors [2]. Check out these cute ideas that barely cost a thing — don't worry, your guests will love them! Some are edible, some are DIY [3], and some are just unexpectedly fun. The one thing they have in common is that they are super affordable. It doesn't get much better than that!

DIY Candy Buffet

Lay out a buffet of candy, and guests can take home what they want in cute packaging. This saves a lot of money, and you know that people aren't obligated to take home favors they will trash.

Be careful, though — candy buffets can cost a pretty penny. Save on candy by buying in bulk online or mixing up the colors. Use jars you already have for the display, get them from bargain stores like the dollar store, or buy gently used pieces from other weddings. You can buy cellophane bags from craft stores for about $3 for 50 pieces.

Etched Mason Jars

Mason jars cost around $0.70 to $0.80 if you buy in bulk. You can get them from specialtybottle.com [7] for less than $1. Get an etching kit and your trusty group of bridesmaids to help with this personalized favor.


Macarons are such pretty desserts that all you need to do is put them in a clear box, attach a cute tag or ribbon, and they're good to go!

Making them yourself is the frugal way to go. Here is a great recipe [8]. Package them in clear boxes you can get from craft stores for cheap. You can also get them online at Paper Mart [9] for prices as low as $6 for 50 boxes or Oriental Trading [10] for prices that start at $5 for 24 boxes. eBay has cheap options as well.


This might be a good treat for receptions held at night. Guests will get to bring home a quintessential late-night snack, and writing a sweet note like "S'more love" adds the perfect tie-in to your wedding [11].

You can find treat bags at craft stores and bargain stores like Walmart. If you want to buy them online, I found some selling on Amazon for $7 for 100 pieces [12] and on Paper Mart for around $14 for 1,000 pieces [13]. Customize them yourself with some pretty calligraphy.


People can always do with more candles, and making your own is a nice touch. Try to choose a scent that has significance to you, perhaps the smell of both your favorite desserts or fruits.

You can use baby-food jars to hold the candles and make your own candles using soy-wax flakes that you can buy in bulk from a candle store or online [14]. Here are instructions on how to make cute candle favors [15]. Cookie-cutter candles [16] will make cute favors for Winter weddings.


Keep your guests happy and healthy with fruity flavors. Think apples, berries, pears, and more! Get cheaper fruits from picking them at a farm, farmers market, and ethnic markets. Or better yet, find a friend who has a fruit tree. Be sure to pick in-season fruits [17] for a better deal.

Put a cute tag on it, and the fruit favors will make a great frugal choice.


Since everyone drinks water, you know the liquid is most definitely going to be consumed when you give these bottles away. Water is also the perfect favor for hot outdoor weddings.

You can get bottled water from Costco for $36 per 144 bottles. Slap on a customized sticker, and you're all set! You can get the water-bottle stickers from Oriental Trading for $20 for 50 pieces [18].


Perhaps one of the best things about nuts as favors is the endless amount of love puns you'll be able to dream up. Buy them in bulk to save.

After-Meal Mints

After a lovely meal, guests will appreciate the help with freshening their breath. You can find plenty of options for customized mint tins or just cute mint tins from Oriental Trading [19] for $1 or less.

Bird Seed

Using bird seed as a favor is a fun way to incorporate the tradition into your wedding [20], and it's a practical favor that your guests will use.


Matches are always handy in a home. Guests can use them to light a candle, fireplace, and more. You can easily get customized matches for under $1. ForYourParty.com has plenty of great options [21] well under $1.


Get creative by picking interesting shapes and designs for chocolate favors. You can make them yourself with unique molds.

Packaging can be bought online for cheap or from the dollar store. You can get glassine packets from Amazon for $7 for 100 pieces [22] and on Paper Mart for less than $11 for 1,000 pieces [23].


Soaps are very practical favors to give out, and you can always make them look good by choosing different colors or packaging. These soaps can cost you less than $1 if you make your own [24] or close to $1 each if you buy them in bulk like these custom mini soap favors [25] ($110 for 100) that come in a variety of scents.


Many people give out seeds as wedding [26] favors because not only are they affordable, but they're also an eco-friendly gesture. However, keep in mind that not everyone has the space in their home or a yard to grow plants.

You can make the seed packets yourself or buy customized ones online. We found these cute kraft-seed envelopes on Etsy [27] that are selling for $90 per 100 pieces — that's $0.90 per envelope.


Spices are definitely a favor that will have a spot in every guest's pantry. We also love the idea of letting guests choose sweet or spicy! Buy them in bulk for cheap at international food stores, bargain stores like Walmart, or the dollar store. Store them in jars you get for under $1 from specialtybottle.com [28].

If you don't feel like making them yourself, you can buy them for a little more money. These mini spice jars [29], for instance, are $48 for 30.

Lotto Tickets

There's no other favor that will give your guests a thrill like a lottery ticket. Package the lotto tickets up nicely, perhaps in a pretty envelope like this one [30] ($18 for 25) or paired with a small snack. Giving them on their own may come off as tacky because the tickets aren't very visually appealing.

Hot Cocoa

There's nothing more comforting than a cup of hot cocoa. You can make the favor more visually appealing if you include different flavors and place the mixture in a clear jar you can get for cheap in bulk from specialtybottle.com [31] or you can create these cute hot chocolate spoons [32].


Glitter is one of those fun items you can never get enough of. Buy it in bulk in your wedding [33] colors. You can get mini glass bottles here [34] ($5 for 20).

Vending-Machine Capsule Favors

Stuff candy into vending-machine capsules for cute favors. You can get them for the price of $6 for 20 pieces [35] on some bulk sites.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is such a functional kitchen staple, but you can make it fancy by infusing it with a flavor like rosemary. You can buy some affordable mini bottles and tie on custom stamped tags for dressing up the packaging.


Keep it simple and sweet with customized sugar cube favors [36] ($45 for 150). Buy cheap jars in bulk for about $0.60 from specialtybottle.com [37] and print out customized labels from your computer with a cute pun like "love is sweet."

Recipes and Ingredients

These pretty printable recipe cards [38] ($5) are perfect for sharing your favorite secret or not-so-secret recipe that everyone always asks you about. You can even include one of the recipe's ingredients to go along with the wedding [39] favor.

Get cheap cloth sachets at craft stores or online from Paper Mart for $0.25 [40].

Honey or Jam

Jars of honey or jam are the perfect thank-you presents for wedding [41] guests. They both have long shelf lives and are such a sweet treat! You can buy jars in bulk from specialtybottle.com [42] and honey from GloryBee Honey [43].

Tea Bags

Shower your guests with packets of tea and pick your favorite blends, or even create your own specifically for this special occasion. For packaging, print cute custom tea bags [44] ($10).


Perfect for Summer weddings, sunglasses are a cheap and fun favor. Check out these options from Sunglassville [45] for under $1.

Lavender Sachets

Get little cloth bags from Paper Mart for $0.25 [46] in bulk and buy dried lavender buds. You can buy the dried lavender online in bulk from places like Amazon, eBay, and Curious Country Creations [47]. Craft stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric also sell it in their dried-flowers section.


In lieu of favors, place a card at every table explaining that you chose to donate money to a charity that has a lot of significance for the both of you. This is such a heartwarming and thoughtful gift, but be really careful when selecting the nonprofit lest you offend someone.

The donation route can be the more budget-friendly option, as you're controlling the amount you're planning on donating. The cards won't cost much, since you can just design and print them out at home. And if you don't want to do the artwork, you can always download a wedding [48] donation favor template from Etsy.


Fluffy marshmallows are always a sweet surprise. Make them for cheap with this easy recipe [49], or you can get even more creative and make raspberry marshmallows [50]. As usual, you can get cheap packaging from Oriental Trading [51], Paper Mart [52], craft stores, or bargain shops like the dollar store.


This is a great, light snack that guests can pop into their mouths when they feel like it. And it's easy on the wallet if you make and package the popcorn yourself.

To package the popcorn, you can buy cellophane bags from craft stores or popcorn bags from Etsy [53] for $18 per 40 bags.

Coffee Beans

Share your favorite local coffee with guests by buying the beans in bulk and putting in cute packaging like these little boxes [54] ($4 for 24).

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