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29 Spine-Chilling Halloween Costumes to DIY For Scary Cheap

Oct 23 2016 - 2:00pm

You know what's even scarier than Halloween [1]? Trying to find the perfect costume [2]. Each year, the pressure increases to have the best idea ever, and with creativity overflowing on the Internet, this year is no different. Sure, you could go for something cutesy, but why not shock your friends with the most terrifying costume ever? Whether you want to fulfill your dream of playing your favorite villain or you just want to look downright dead, we've got all the scary costumes covered. What's even better is that you can make them at home for next to nothing. Check out all of our spooky costumes you can DIY [3], and get the inspiration — or blood — flowing.


Bloodsuckers are in movies and books everywhere, so you can customize this costume to your favorite fictional vamp.

What you need to do: Whether it's a black blanket, curtain, or sheet, tie it around your neck for a sinister cape. Make your own blood at home by mixing water, corn syrup, and red food dye together. Let it bleed out of the corners of your mouth like you just had lunch.

Sinister Clown

Your childhood nightmares have come to life!

What you need to do: Wear all of the most colorful clothes you have, and use spray hair color all over your hair. Use makeup or face paint to create a gaping mouth and red nose. Just add blood for extra scares.


Bring The Ring to life and be the creepiest girl in scary movie history.

What you need to do: Use a night gown or long white dress as your outfit, and comb all of your hair to the front of your face. It's as easy as that.


It may be an obvious idea, but how freaked out would you be to turn around and see your friend standing there dressed like this?

What you need to do: Pull that sheet off of your bed and use a Sharpie to draw creepy eyes where your face will go. You can also cut eyes out with scissors.

Tooth Fairy Gone Bad

We wouldn't want him taking our teeth . . .

What you need to do: Use old fairy or angel wings as your main prop. Add a big white tooth (cut out of paper) to a simple t-shirt. Put fake blood all over your shirt and face to make it look as though you were recently pulling some teeth.


Your head is missing, it doesn't get much more terrifying than that.

What you need to do: Wear a large shirt that is large enough so that you can hide your head inside of it when wearing it regularly. If you don't want to buy a fake head, you can always use paper-mache paste and newspaper to create a head of your own. When it dries, draw on a face with paint.


This costume is bone-chilling.

What you need to do: Use white fabric paint to draw bones onto a black shirt and leggings. Paint your face white and ring your eyes with black eye shadow.


It's a classic that always entertains.

What you need to do: Got toilet paper? Start rolling it all over your body until you're completely covered.

Billy the Puppet

This puppet from the Saw movies has always been haunting.

What you need to do: Draw targets on your cheeks and lines from your mouth to your chin with eyeliner. Wear a bow tie and suspenders.

Zombie Prom Queen

She never got to enjoy her win . . .

What you need to do: Mix mascara and water together and use a cotton swab to create dark eyes and tears rolling down your face. Smudge lipstick across your mouth, make your hair disheveled with hairspray, and add a crown on top of your head. Complete the look with a prom queen sash made from paper or old fabric.

Creepy Doll

Remember that doll that sits in your grandma's bedroom? Use that as your inspiration.

What you need to do: Put your hair in pigtails and wear your frilliest dress. Use eyeliner to ring your eyes and make stitches or porcelain cracks across your face.


Making this cult classic a reality is supereasy.

What you need to do: Dig up your old prom ensemble and make sure you don't mind staining the dress. Mix red food dye and water into a bucket and dump the solution over your head (we suggest doing this in the shower so that you don't make a splattered mess).


Whether you're a fan of The Walking Dead or old-school zombie thrillers, this costume is a guaranteed hit.

What you need to do: Shred up any old clothes you have with scissors and soak parts of the outfit in a red food dye and water solution. Keep one of your arms inside of your shirt as if you have a missing limb. Don't forget to smear blood all over you face.

The Child Snatcher

If you have seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, you know that this evil villain is the creepiest guy in town.

What you need to to: Create a black top hat with construction paper and scotch tape by making a cylinder with two pieces of paper and a circular brim with a third piece. Create a big, fake nose with tan construction paper and string or molding clay that can be glued to your face (with makeup glue [7], of course). Wear a long trench coat to complete your look.

Back From the Dead

This girl is fresh out of the grave.

What you need to do: Wet your hair and let it hang in your face. Use coffee to dye your clothes and make them look aged. Use brown and black eye shadow to create bruises and dark eyes.

Wicked Witch of the West

The most iconic and terrifying witch of them all.

What you need to do: Use green paint to paint your entire face, chest, and hands. If you don't want to buy a witch hat, use black construction paper to create a cone and glue it to the top of a circularly cut piece of paper. Secure it to your hair with bobby pins.

Dead Bride

Living brides are so cliché.

What you need to do: Use an old white dress hanging around in your closet and splatter fake blood all over the front. Make sure to rub a line of blood across your throat for a slit, and use tule to make a veil. Grab some dead flowers from your backyard to hold in a bouquet for the evening.

Cruella de Vil

You can't help but love this dognapping villain.

What you need to do: Buy a bottle of white-hair spray paint and spray one side of your hair. Paint on arched black brows and bright red lipstick. Wear black and white clothes only. You're set!

Evil Bunny

This is one bunny we definitely don't want to cuddle.

What you need to do: Wear a completely white outfit. Use red paint to ring your eyes and smudge into the center of your hands. Put your hands to your head, and you have some very scary bunny ears!


Everyone's favorite monster!

What you need to do: Paint your face green, and use an eyeliner pencil to draw scars on your face. Wear a black suit, and you have become Frankenstein!

Deadly Butcher

Warning: never complain about his steaks.

What you need to do: Put on an old cooking apron, and cut holes in a pillowcase to put over your head. Smear fake blood on your hands and wipe it all over the apron. Use a toy sword as your massive butcher knife.


Have you ever seen anyone so exposed?

What you need to do: Pull a zip out of an old sweatshirt, adhere it to your face, and open at the bridge of the nose with face glue. Fill in the inside of the open space between the zipper with fake blood or red paint. Make sure to add some blood to your shirt too.

Homicidal Housewife

Where do you think she's keeping her husband?

What you need to do: Put a blood-splattered apron over your most lady-like dress, and make sure to wear a string of pearls. Make a fake butcher knife by covering styrofoam with tinfoil and painting a styrofoam hand black.


Perhaps the scariest creature from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, you will bring back some major nostalgia with this costume.

What you need to do: For starters, dress in head-to-toe pink. If you don't have pink clothes, dye them in fabric dye. Wrap two baseballs in white duct tape and use a Sharpie to draw on pupils. You can also use a Sharpie to draw a massive grin on your stomach. Use a brown marker or paint on cotton balls to achieve Krumm's signature armpit hair.

The Joker

This villain will always be Batman's greatest enemy.

What you need to do: Use a movie still to copy the Joker's face with black, white, and red paint. Brush your hair out to look wild and wear a button-down shirt with a tie.

Creepy Devil and Lizard Creature

They'e coming for you.

What you need to do: Both of these costumes require a little makeup magic. Focus on the creepiness of your face and keep the rest of the costume simple.

The Grady Twins

If you have seen The Shining, they're hard to forget.

What you need to do: You and your friend need matching blue dresses and white knee socks. Make sure you're not attached to those items, because the next step is to squirt fake blood all over yourself. You're ensemble is complete!

Dead Disney Characters

Your childhood heroes live on forever . . .

What you need to do: This is an easy one — simply take your favorite Disney costume, then add blood and zombie makeup.

Killer Nurse

She's here to take good care of you.

What you need to do: Wear an all-white dress, nursing hat, and surgical mask. Cover yourself in blood and hold a fake knife.

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