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Do You Live in an Overpriced Zip Code?

The introduction of the new 90210 got me thinking about posh Beverly Hills, and with the never-gets-old theme song in mind, I went searching for information on real estate by zip code. Turns out I didn't have to look too far, because Forbes created a list of the most overpriced zip codes in the US. Forbes determined if a zip code was overpriced by looking at how much of a premium home owners pay in comparison to how much it costs to rent a similar home in the area.

  1. 10013: Tribeca, New York, NY
  2. 02111: Chinatown, Boston, MA
  3. 98104: Downtown, Seattle, WA
  4. 90038: West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
  5. 92103: Mission Hills, San Diego, CA
  6. 94122: Outer Sunset, San Francisco, CA
  7. 85006: Coronado, Phoenix, AZ
  8. 75209: Greenway Parks and Devonshire, Dallas, TX
  9. 97213: Rose City Park, Portland, OR
  10. 95125: Willow Glen, San Jose, CA


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