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36 Dollar-Store DIY Projects to Try Out

Dec 12 2016 - 1:00pm

Some DIY projects [1] can get pricey because of the materials, but you can always keep your costs low if you stick to dollar-store items! Check out this roundup of really awesome dollar-store projects.

Umbrella With Ruffles

To make the umbrella with ruffles, purchase $1 shower curtain liners from your local dollar store to make cute ruffles and sew them onto a plain umbrella you already have.

Bonus points for you if you want to add a cute flowerlike detail using an old button as the center of the flower and sewing on the ruffle around it.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [4]

T-Shirt Necklace

There's plenty of cheap t-shirts you can find at the dollar store, and if you find one in a color you love, you can consider making this flowery bib necklace out of the T.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [5]

Japanese Lantern

Make this Japanese-style lantern out of manila folders, bamboo chopsticks or wooden skewers, and colored tissue paper, rice paper, or textured paper.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [6]

Egg Pendant Lamp

Make an egg pendant lamp with oversized plastic eggs (courtesy of Easter) from the dollar store, battery-operated tea lights, and some string.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [7]

Spring Table Runner

This Spring table runner was made out of dish towels from the dollar store. All the crafter did was use leftover cloth to stitch on some flowers and sewed together three dish towels to make this runner.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [8]

Flower Brooch

Make an oversized flower brooch from The Original Shammy, a dollar store staple.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [9]

Shabby Chic Hooks

Buy plastic hooks from the dollar store and stick faux metal embellishment tags on them. Then paint them with some acrylic paint, and you have your shabby chic hooks!

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [10]

Tiled Mirror

To get this beautiful tiled mirror, piece together nine framed mirrors from the dollar store.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [11]

Beaded Chandelier

Get some hanging baskets from the dollar store as well as some Mardi Gras-style beads to create this lovely beaded chandelier.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts [12]

Night Light

Grab an old jar, then pick up glass beads and a tea light at the dollar store to make this night light [13].

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Flower Push Pins

These flower pins [14] made from silk dollar store flowers and push pins will be a cute adornment for your bulletin board. 

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Doily Wine Bottle

Done with that bottle of wine? Remove the label [15], and get a paper doily from the dollar store to complete this cute DIY [16].

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Party Tray

Wow your guests with this tiered party tray [17], created from dollar store candle sticks and plastic plates.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Sparkling Candles

Spray paint cool designs with silver paint onto dollar store candles [18].

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Chalkboard Serving Tray

Paint chalkboard paint onto a plastic plate from the dollar store to make this sophisticated serving tray. Find out how to make chalkboard paint and the tray [19].

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Towel Travel Kit

Get a washcloth at the dollar store to create this travel kit [20], which can store all your travel and face-washing essentials.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Starburst Mirror

Buy a circular mirror from the dollar store, add a few skewers, and spray paint for this cool starburst mirror [21] that looks like it's store-bought.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Bloody Halloween Candles

Purchase red and white candles from the dollar store to craft these bleeding Halloween candles [22].

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Leaf Votives

Glue pressed leaves [23] to dollar store containers for these pretty fall leaf votives [24].

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Photo Magnets

These personalized photo magnets [25] are so easy to make. Get clear accent gems from your local dollar store, stick your favorite cutouts on one side, then glue magnet tape on the back of the photo.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Colored Rice Candle Holders

Make these candle holders [26] for a special occasion, and dye rice in colors to suit the celebration. You can even scent the rice with smells to keep bugs away! 

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Swiffer Wipes

Forget about buying swiffer wipes. Make your own [27] with cotton cloths from the dollar store!

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Glitter Shot-Glass Vases

The perfect table accessories for any outdoor entertainment or wedding [28], these glitter shot glasses [29] are sure to wow your guests. They are inexpensive to make but look pricey enough to show off at any event.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Map Votive

If you love to travel, then these map votives [30]are an ideal decor. They're affordable to make and give out as gifts to your friends or family. All you need are dollar-store votives and an old atlas.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Candle Holder

This candle holder looks like a white lotus, but it's really spoons! You can re-create this decor with these steps [31].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Washi-Tape Votives

These DIY washi-tape votives [32] are really easy to make, totally budget friendly, and absolutely adorable. Whether you're hosting a party, planning a wedding [33], or simply want to decorate your room, give these votives a go!

Photo: Emily Co

Glitter-Painted Tumblers

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or looking for budget-friendly wedding [34] decor, you bet these DIY glitter tumblers [35] will make a statement.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Shower Scrub Wand

This scrub wand [36]will make cleaning your shower a breeze.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

DIY Whipped Lotion

You won't believe this luxurious lotion [37] is made from dollar-store materials.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Dryer Sheets

These homemade dryer sheets [38] won't cost much to make!

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Ombré Tote Bag

Dress up a boring dollar-store tote bag with pretty ombré shades [39].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Emergency Car Kit

Can you believe this emergency car kit [40] is made out of dollar-store items?

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Cookie Cutter Candles

Grab some cookie cutters from the dollar store to create these cute candles [41] that definitely aren't cookie cutter!

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Chic Baskets

Turn tacky dollar-store baskets into chic décor [42] with some help from spray paint!

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Glitter Wedding Candles

These sweet glittery candles [43]are perfect for a wedding [44] or a bridal shower!

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Soothing Milk Bath

Nod off to sleep with this relaxing milk bath [45] made from dollar-store ingredients.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

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