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Don't Start Your Cover Letter With This Sentence

Don't Start Your Cover Letter With This Sentence

We all know it's exciting to graduate college, and higher education is a big asset for any applicant. But don't boast your new diploma in the very first line, or even explicitly in your cover letter, like it's the best thing you have to offer a potential employer. Too many fresh-out-of-college graduates hurt their chances by beginning their cover letters with a sentence that reads: I just graduated from Blank University.

Your educational achievements will be clearly stated on your resume. As a new grad, you should use the cover letter to emphasize the experience you've acquired through various internships and jobs during your university years. If your major is directly applicable to the position for which you're applying, feel free to bring up projects or coursework that strengthens your candidacy. Just be sure they are highly relevant to the skills required for the job so the hiring manager isn't left wondering why you've included those details.

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