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Eco-Friendly Goods That Are Worth Your Money

Even the most indecisive shopper may find herself on a decision making whim while grocery shopping these days: the cheapest item wins, right? Well, it shouldn't always, unless of course you really can't afford to consider how green are the items in your shopping cart. The quality of certain eco-friendly goods can promote better health — something that could save you money in the long run.

About 20 percent of you said that you're willing to pay more for earth-friendly products, and there are some good arguments why more of us may consider doing the same. Here's something to consider — you don't always need to choose the eco-item. Knowing which ones are worth the extra cost will grant you some better decision making power in the grocery store. Learn which green goods are a go when you


According to Lisa Freeman, editor in chief of ShopSmart magazine, organic produce is safer and more nutritious and is therefore worth the premium. She recommends purchasing organic fruits and vegetables that you eat whole or with the skin on and organic baby food, but suggests that it's not worth your money to buy produce like bananas, watermelon, and avocados because you don't consume their coverings.

Lisa says that the "grass-fed" label on meat is meaningless, but you should try and buy USDA-certified organic meat, poultry and dairy products. Regarding household products, she thinks green cleaners are a better choice because regular ones can impact your health. And while eco-friendly paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels are better for the environment they do not directly affect your health, so it's up to you if the extra money is worth it.


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