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17 Eco-Friendly Wedding DIYs

Mar 8 2015 - 1:35pm

There are plenty of DIY ideas [1] for weddings out there, but why not take an eco-friendly spin and do your part to save mother earth at the same time? Read on for some homemade favors and decor pieces that you can either create from upcycled materials or reuse over and over again.

Source: Sarah Lipoff, Hey Gorgeous [2]

Paint-Chip Mobile

This paint-chip mobile [3] will be perfect for the starry-eyed couple. This DIY [4] is eco-friendly, because it upcycles old paint chips, and it's budget-friendly as well.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Vintage Teacup Candle

These vintage teacup candles [5] use your old chipped teacups or a set you can find at a flea market. They are perfect for a pretty and feminine wedding [6] tablescape.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Coffee-Filter Roses

Upcycle coffee filters into these beautiful roses [7] to plant on your wedding [8] tables. You can use them forever, which makes these wedding flowers truly great for mother earth.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Coffee-Filter Peonies

Coffee-filter peonies [9] are another great choice for forever flowers to place on tables at your wedding [10]. 

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Bottle-Cap Planters

Your guests won't be able to tell that these cute planters [11] are made from upcycled bottle caps and small pots.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Ombré Tote Gift For the Bridal Party

This is the perfect green gift for your bridal party. Not only will the ombré totes [12] help to save our planet by removing the need for paper or plastic bags, but they will look incredibly cute, as well. You can even personalize these totes by adding initials or titles like "maid of honor" or "bridesmaid."

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Cork Planter Magnets

Upcycle corks to host minisucculents for this double-whammy earth-saving wedding favor [13].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Coffee-Filter Flower Boutonnieres

Make these beautiful boutonnieres [14] from coffee filters, so you can use them over and over again.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Paint-Chip Chandelier

This pretty-in-pink paint-chip chandelier [15] will be a pretty addition to any wedding [16] decor.

Source: Hey Gorgeous [17]

Dyed Coffee-Filter Flower

Hang this dyed coffee-filter flower [18] on chairs for a neat touch.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Old-Records Cupcake Holder

Create this amazing cupcake holder [19] from old records. Upcycle win!

Source: Oh Happy Day [20]

Newspaper Bouquet

Don't throw away your old newspapers. Turn them into this cute wedding bouquet [21] instead.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Plastic Bag Pom-Poms

Hang these cute pom-poms [22] at your wedding [23]! They're the perfect way to reuse your plastic bags.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Dixie-Cup Garland

String pastel Dixie cups [24] to make a beautiful garland that any bride would love.

Source: Hey Gorgeous [25]

Ribbon Wands

Gather your unused ribbons to make these fun wands [26] that can substitute for not-so-eco-friendly confetti, which can't be reused.

Source: Hey Gorgeous [27]

Water-Bottle Chandelier

Guests will be amazed at the creativity of this water-bottle chandelier [28]!

Source: Oh Happy Day [29]

Biodegradable Confetti

We love how biodegradable and unique this confetti idea is. Make it even more cool by added colors to the popcornfetti [30]!

Photo by Rensche Mari [31] via Wedding Friends [32]

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