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Employers Using Personality Tests to Judge Job Candidates

There comes a time in most of our early educational lives when our personalities are put to the test to see which careers we should consider. When they're given at too young an age, the tests are brushed aside as meaningless fun, but more employers have started implementing personality tests to determine if a candidate has the qualities necessary to be successful in a particular position. Find out more about the trend (which makes much more sense than hiring based on handwriting) when you


According to The Wall Street Journal, more than 80 percent of mid-size and large companies use personality and ability assessments for job candidates or new hires. Scott Erker, a senior vice president at Development Dimensions International, notes that companies can reduce turnover by 50 percent by using these tests to better ensure candidates are well suited for open positions. Because the tests are so valuable in saving time and money, some companies are even using assessment tests for applicants before they're invited for an interview.

Personality and ability assessment tests allow for a better understanding of a worker's skills and their methods for completing tasks, but they can also help workers achieve a better understanding of themselves. It's best not to try and manipulate the tests so that you don't end up working in a job you despise or are incapable of doing well. However, Erker says that you can learn more about a company and job by learning how and why a certain test is used.


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