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Fake Job Reference Agencies Claim to Make You Look Good

Fake Job Reference Agencies Claim to Make You Look Good

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose, but using businesses that offer fake job references is a shady idea. Companies like and Alibi HQ will pretend to be a previous employer and act as a reference when a potential employer calls.

CareerExcuse offers a three-day trial and then charges customers $64 for each year of service. It's a business run on dishonesty but founder William Schmidt defends it saying, "At least I know I was able to help someone get a paycheck and provide for himself and his family." Alibi HQ has been around longer than CareerExcuse and offers more than just fabricated job references; it's also in the business of selling fake landlord references and doctor's notes. Both companies say business is booming.

Lying to secure a job makes me incredibly uncomfortable and these services seem as bad as paying for friends. Avoid having to resort to fake references by consistently reaching out to your network and leaving every job with your good reputation intact.

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